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There are lots of dresses to try on to help you get an idea of what the finished dress will look like.



A Bridal Consultation
Best known for my designs in the bridal field, and with over 24 years of experience I judge my success on how good you feel in your special outfit. It is the one day when a girl wishes to look her very best, and I will do my best to make sure that happens. It is all about choosing the right shape, colour and detail to give you confidence and the right accessories to set the whole look off. Choosing your ensemble should be exciting and enjoyable.
Your dress should reflect your personality, be something special and so perfect. Wearing the right thing can give you confidence, and makes you feel good. Even if you just want to come for a consultation we can help you get the right look, wither it is figure hugging or full, chic or funky. Then I will do you a sketch to guide you. If you get your dress from me I want you to think that your dress is the best wedding dress I have ever done. Once I have you that happy I have done my job and I am thrilled.
My favourite compliment is when someone says that was just “Her” then I know I have read you right.
When I first started I thought I had to be the best at sewing but with hindsight an equally important gift is my ability to read my brides mind for them. Even after all these years I am passionate and excited about my job and that energises me to help my bride find the dress of her dreams.

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